Back in the game …

7 11 2009

After months of hearing people say “I really miss your blog,” and “Why don’t you run a blog anymore,” I’ve decided to jump back into the fray and start running a blog, consequences be damned.
The tone of the resurrection of Krab-cakes and Football will be the same as always … honest, fair, in your face, funny and a little nutty at times.
We’ll look at local issues. We’ll look at state happenings. We’ll look at national news. We may even look at monkeys flinging poo.
But most importantly, I want to hear what YOU have to say.
I realize my position at my employer, The Recorder, automatically ties this blog to the paper. That’s fine. I’m in the biz not only to feed my family while doing something I love … but as someone who lived and raised his family here for quite some time, moved away and then dragged them back to this area, I did so because I actually give a crap. And so does my family.
Even though I’m a bleeding heart take the blood out of your heart Libertarian who actually wishes Hillary Clinton was president right now, I consider myself to be an open-minded individual who likes to hear all points of view.
In other words, consider this blog a pizza with everything on top (save for anchovies). Grab a slice and enjoy.




One response

7 11 2009
Curtis Candy

Really glad to have you back, Charlie!

…Great! Now I’m hungry for pizza… And human heart!

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