Tony Dungy’s probably talking out of his butt, but …

9 11 2009


Last night on NBC, coach-turned-commentator Tony Dungy said he believes animal rights activist dog-lover scumbag QB Michael Vick could wind up on my favorite football team, the Buffalo Bills.
Reading the above-linked account, I was intrigued by the amount of hatred directed toward Vick, who is now a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.
Not that it isn’t understandable. After all, Vick spent two years in prison after admitting to running a dog-fighting ring out of his home.
As a dog-owner and animal-lover, I was disgusted by what Vick did and was glad he got tossed in the clink. People who would do that to animals are among the lowest species on the planet Earth.
I think the scumbag label should and will stick to Vick for the rest of his days, but I’m not so sure the amount of hatred still directed at him is totally justified.
Unlike most other celebrity athletes, Vick actually owned up to what he did, did his time like a man and has repented for his actions. Turning to an upstanding guy like Tony Dungy for guidance shows Vick is serious about turning his life around.
I’m thinking it may be time to forgive Vick and move on. However, I don’t think his actions should be forgotten.

From an NFL standpoint … I’m not so sure I’d want Vick on my team anyway. I think his best NFL days have passed him by.
However, if Tony Dungy wants to coach the Bills … hire him.




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