You talkin’ to me?

10 11 2009


Uh, oh. Looks like someone over at a local blog is attempting to call me out over a couple of stories that ran in my employer’s publication in recent days. The poster, posting anonymously, of course, is characterizing my lack of response as “telling.”
They’re right. It should be telling, and this is what it should tell you:
1. I really have no desire to address anonymous posters, especially when they have no problem calling me out by name. As Gimli the dwarf said in the “Two Towers:” “Tell me your name, horse-master, and I shall give you mine.”
2. Unlike the previous version of Krab-cakes and Football, while some of the topics of this blog will indeed be local in nature, they won’t be about specific stories covered in the Recorder.Period. End of discussion. The lone exception, thus far, is an earlier post I made about younger candidates being elected to local offices this year, but that was more of an observation and not an actual opinion of the candidates themselves. Most of what you’ll see here that’s local in nature will be nothing more than general observations about the region as a whole.




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