Stupid is as stupid does

12 11 2009


Normally, I have very littlezero tolerance for drunken driving. Having been there, done that several years ago, I just consider myself lucky that I didn’t hurt myself, or worse, someone else.
However, the following story is a bit of a head-scratcher.
H/T to by buddy Shaun (the man, the myth, the legend) for sending me this link from about a guy in Fulton (about a half-hour north of Syracuse) who got busted for DWI after he went to the police station to bail out a buddy, who was also picked up for drunken driving.
If you’re too lazy to click the link and read for yourself, here’s the synopsis. A guy get thrown in jail after a DWI arrest. His buddy comes down to bail him out. The buddy gets turned away for being drunk. The cops let the friend get in his car and drive a short distance before stopping him an arresting him for DWI.
I’m not really big on criticizing cops (unless it’s warranted) because they have a tough job, one I wouldn’t want.
However, if the police in Fulton knew the buddy was drunk, why would they let him drive off? Couldn’t they have arrested him for DWI when he showed up at the station since he drove there?
Seems to me like the cops took an awfully big chance by letting this guy drive off. A drunken driver doesn’t have to go far to inflict a variety of damage.

Of course, there is something to be said about not showing up at a police station plowed in the first place …




One response

12 11 2009

They probably didn’t have enough evidence that he drove there drunk. They probably didn’t actually see him drive there. They had to see him drive away before they arrested him. The problem is, why couldn’t they have just told the dude that “Hey, we know you’re drunk, you better not drive, you should call someone”. But then they wouldn’t be able to get another arrest towards their quota. Instead of doing the right thing and preventing the crime from happening in the first place (even if that means they don’t get to arrest anyone), they let the crime happen and then arrested him. I’d just as soon see them prevent the crime in the first place.

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