And there was much rejoicing

17 11 2009

It’s been a long time since Buffalo Bills have had anything to be happy about. The Immaculate Deception. Rob Johnson. Gregg Williams. Drew Bledsoe. Fourth and Stupid. J.P. Losman. Trent Edwards. Dick Jauron.
It’s been 10 years since this team made the playoffs. For a decade, those of us who consider ourselves to be members of the Buffalo faithful have wondered whether the present ownership would ever show a commitment to righting this sinking ship.
The jury’s still out on that one, but Bills’ owner Ralph Wilson finally decided to shake things up today by firing head coach Dick Jauron after he led the Bills to a 3-6 mark so far this year.
Does this mean the end of bad times at 1 Bills Drive? Not by a longshot.
The Bills have a ton of problems, mainly by entrusting the offense to an underconfident, scared, brainiac quarterback from Stanford (or a no-skilled, scared brainiac quarterback from Harvard), a patchwork offensive line and a defense that couldn’t stop a paper bag from blowing down the street.
It’s probably going to be awhile before things are totally turned around. Hopefully, in this “win now” National Football League, “awhile” won’t be too long.
But today’s move is a start. It shows that Ralph Wilson may actually have a sliver of pride.
Jauron wore out his welcome for good after that 6-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns in Week 4. After two straight games of being outscored 46-0 in the fourth quarter, especially when they were leading after the third quarter against the Texans and tied with the Titans after three, even Ralph could see the writing on the wall.
I won’t go so far as saying that the season has been saved. This year’s version of the Bills isn’t good enough to make a playoff run and is probably staring down the barrel of an at-best 5-11 finish.
But getting rid of a major source of the Bills’ current mess is enough to make me want to shout.




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17 11 2009

I’m surprised you didn’t have this one prewritten, just waiting for what has seemed inevitable for a while now.

But seriously, the Bills will probably not be seen in the playoffs again until sometime after they are moved to L.A. to play in that new palace being built to bring the NFL back to the nation’s second-largest market.

With the salary cap gone after this year, probably never to return in its current form, small market teams like Buffalo (and Green Bay and Jacksonville) will become the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NFL (even with a revenue sharing system taht is far superior to MLB).

17 11 2009
Charlie Kraebel

Actually Mark, I think Jacksonville is more a likely candidate for L.A. than Buffalo is.
Ralph Wilson and the NFL have been trying too hard to regionalize the Bills, especially by playing one preseason and one “home” game in Toronto. The only other two teams the NFL could legitimately use to build its Canadian market are in Seattle and Detroit, but Seattle barely cares about the Seahawks, and let’s face it, the Lions are actually one team in the NFL that’s in worse shape than Buffalo.
Plus, Buffalo is one of the original AFL teams, while the Jags have only been around since 1995. That, and adding into account that Jacksonville is little more than an urbanized trailer park, my guess is the NFL will look to move the Jaguars to L.A.

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