If she’s so irrelevant, then why pay her any mind?

17 11 2009

I’ve long debated over whether to comment over the recent furor over for Alaska governor and one-time Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue,” which went on sale today. Frankly, I have more interest in being strapped to a chair, force-fed spicy mustard and being forced to watch re-runs of “My Two Dads” than I have in this book at all.
I’ll admit, I was kind of captivated by this woman when she was announced as Arizona Sen. John McCain’s running mate during last year’s presidential campaign. I liked her introductory speech, and I was blown away by her appearance at the GOP National Convention in Minneapolis.
The problem is, she kept giving the same speech over and over again, and I quickly lost interest. Which probably puts me in the minority.
Since her nomination, the so-called “mainstream” media has seemingly been on a mission to destroy this woman. When it was revealed her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant, you would have thought Bristol Palin was the first 17-year-old in the history of the world to get pregnant. Side note: Some Christian traditions peg the Virgin Mary’s age at 13 or 14 when she became pregnant with Jesus Christ … was she a whore, too?
They made fun of the fact that she didn’t graduate from a major, top-line college (because the only people qualified to run this country can only have gone to Yale or Harvard). They picked on the fact that she knows how to field-dress a moose. They picked on her hair, her makeup, her husband’s snowmobile-racing career, her decision to move forward with the birth of a special-needs child, her asking the now-vice president if she can call him “Joe.”
Hell, they laughed when a late-night talk show host joked that her 14-year-old daughter was raped by New York Yankees slugger Alex “Thank God Georgie Bought Me a World Series Ring” Rodriguez (I don’t care what David Letterman says, they all knew who was with Sarah Palin at that Yankees game).
They’ve acted as if every ethics complaint lodged against her was the gospel truth, when most of them are akin to local sentiments to have the FBI investigate Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane (obviously, I mean those calls are a little ridiculous, in case anyone missed my sarcasm).
There are those in the so-called “mainstream” media that would have you believe Sarah Palin should be dismissed as stupid, ridiculous and frankly, a self-serving bitch who is only looking to elevate her status as the next American diva.
Stories and commentary about her book have dominated headlines and cable news broadcast for weeks before it was even released. She’s made appearances on shows all over the place, including an interview on …. (making the sign of the cross and bowing) … Oprah Winfrey’s show.
In fact, the Associated Press assembled a team of ELEVEN REPORTERS to fact-check this book, even though most of the findings, in my opinion, are splitting short hairs.
By the way, as someone who reads AP copy on a daily basis, I can tell you that the world’s largest news-gathering organization hasn’t even put half that amount of reporters to “fact-check” the latest versions of health-care reform legislation being debated in Washington.
The reason why I chose the above image is because Newsweek is taking some heat over using it, and offered this response to the critcism.
I also find it ironic that MSN.com, which partners with Newsweek and frequently features the magazine’s stories, actually linked a story to NBC’s “Today” show site questioning whether the cover is sexist.
Maybe it is, but I’m more disturbed by the main headline and the subhead underneath. No one in their right mind could even think that this so-called “news” magazine was even making an attempt to be fair and unbiased in its coverage of Palin.
I’m also more concerned that a story tease headlined “Obama and Fort Hood” gets such minor play. Is it just me, or is the mass murder of 13 people on a U.S. Army rate a bigger story than a failed vice-presidential nominee’s tell-all book?
And yet, every story you read about Sarah Palin is how she’s such a downer, how she’s a drag on the Republican Party and how everyone hates her and wishes she would go away.
Funny … for someone who’s so irrelevant … she still draws 20,000 people wherever she appears, like this summer’s tour through the Finger Lakes region of New York state.
Something tells me the powers that be are actually threatened and frightened by this woman. Why is that?
Frankly, I think Sarah Palin is a good question for the next edition of “Trivial Pursuit,” and that’s about it. But if her enemies and detractors are paying this much attention to her, then maybe there’s a little more there than meets the eye.

By the way … Sarah Palin never once said “I can see Russia from my house.” That was Tina Fey, on “Saturday Night Live.” The fact that people will actually confuse the two astounds me, although Fey’s portrayal was one of the funniest and most brilliant political parodies I’ve ever seen.




3 responses

19 11 2009
Jon Dawson

I’M paying attention because she’s a piece of ………….

19 11 2009

Would Barbara Walters or Oprah ask a man, in her position, if they knew their teenage daughter was sexually active???

20 11 2009
Charlie Kraebel

Probably not.
Remember when children of political candidates and those in office were considered off-limits?
The MSM still leaves Chelsea Clinton alone, and yet it’s a major scandal when the Bush twins get caught drinking underage in college (because they’re the only college students to ever do that) or Bristol Palin gets pregnant.

Sounds like a double standard to me.

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