Calling a truce

19 11 2009

I had fully intended to leave this one alone, but poster w murphy took yours truly and another local blogger to the proverbial woodshed for some sniping taking place as of late.
Mr. Murphy is right on the money. I’ve posted a few things since the resurrection of Krab-cakes and Football that’s been critical of anonymous blogging and posting anonymous comments. He’s right when the blogs about blogging take away from raising the level of “local discourse,” which is the point of this blog and I believe is the primary point of the other blog.
Point blank, I do not like anonymous blogging, nor am I a fan of posting anonymously to blogs. Likewise, I also agree with the author of the other blog that callers to local radio talk shows should be identified, at the very least, by their first names … something that happens on most radio stations.
I do not question the host’s right to blog anonymously, nor do I question the right of people to post anonymously.
I do believe who is making a point is as important as what is being said, but I don’t believe the who is more important than the what. Both are equally as important.
What burns my toast, however, are posters who use anonymous “handles” but will deign to call me and others who choose to identify ourselves by our names, in some cases by our full names. That’s when I tend to pop off.
However, discussing the pros and cons of anonymity and the like takes away from what’s truly beneficial … meaningful discourse.
I think I’ve made my point clear on where I stand on anonymous blogging and posting, so there’s no need to keep hammering the issue. And frankly, in the past, I’ve actually allowed people on previous blogs I’ve hosted to use Net handles, and will continue to allow it here.
Mr. Murphy’s point is well-taken.




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