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19 11 2009

As someone who likes his food (just not as much, these days), of course I’m interested in the soon-to-be-opening Recovery Room bar and grill on Route 30 in the town of Amsterdam.
I’ve never been to one of these joints, so I’m looking forward to giving it a day in court.
There are a lot of places around here to get some good eats, but the opening of this place got me thinking about other types of establishments that would be nice to see around here.
Here are some places I would love to see open:
1. Olive Garden. Breadsticks, soup and salad. Enough said. I swear, I think the OG puts some sort of narcotic in the breadsticks that makes you crave for it.
2. Indian restaurant. Like a pregnant woman, there are times when I get a major craving for tandorri chicken and garlic naan, but those urges seem to come on when I can’t make a 45-minute drive to the nearest (good) Indian place.
3. A good barbecue place. Nothing frosted me more when I saw that Dinosaur BBQ is planning to open a place in Troy. With all the talking heads in Amsterdam, Gloversville or Johnstown clamoring for that “hook” to attract people to town, I can tell you a place like that would accomplish that goal. I’ve been to the Dino in Syracuse many times … that place is always packed no matter what time of day or what day of the week.

Those are just a few ideas. Feel free to chime in with some of yours.




4 responses

19 11 2009
Mark Robarge

Let me add in a vote for an Outback Steakhouse … I would kill for a bloomin’ onion, but the nearest ones are on Wolf Road in Colonie or off Judd Road in New Hartford.

19 11 2009
Paul Antonelli

Dinosaur Barbecue has a great new location and got an even better deal to open shop in Troy, but still, the establishment would have given this area a huge economical jolt. Simply great tasting barbecue.
We do have a decent selection of good southern Italian Restaurants although I’d be extremely happy if at least one would use San Marzano tomatoes – grown in the southern region of Italy. I’m anxious to try Orapello’s Wood Fired Pizza out of Amsterdam because he uses San Marzano. I believe he makes pizza for festivals and private parties.
We don’t have any selection of casual Mexican, Southwest or Tex-Mex and late-night dining options are limited to picking up cold chicken at Price Chopper. There are people who do work evening hours.
Also, a diner that truly represents Amsterdam’s historical past would be a huge boost. It would need to be in the city and have an interior and menu that reflects Amsterdam’s cultural diversity.
On the chain end, I’d like Panera Bread for the healthy and Five Guys for people who enjoy quality ingredients without counting calories or carbs.
Need to go grab some lunch!

19 11 2009

BBQ, awww, I’d love a good BBQ joint here. BUT, how about some local entrepreneurs stepping up to the plate? Enough of the generic, you can get it in any city, it all tastes the same, chain restaurants. C’mon people, get cooking!

20 11 2009
Charlie Kraebel

LindyLou, I’m with you on the whole local thing. I prefer those kind of establishments over the chains.

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