Barry says if you’re going to pull out failed gimmicks, at least bring back Bastion Booger

24 11 2009

I was fully prepared to offer up a post-Raw analysis this morning, because there was some great stuff on the show. Jesse Ventura may have been the show’s best guest host since the WWE started having celebrity guest hosts (mostly to plug upcoming books, TV shows, movies, etc.).
I also dug the new direction the WWE seems to be taking, giving younger stars a chance at the top strap. I had assumed since Kofi Kingston made it to a Breakthrough Battle Royal (which featured young stars who have never had a shot at the title, save for Randy Orton), he would be the one to face champ John Cena at the December pay-per-view. Instead, Sheamus wins, which was a nice swerve, but I’m really starting to dig him as a performer.
All of that was ruined by one moment. First off, it was bad enough to have yet another six-woman tag match, but to make it a Pilgrims vs. Indians match was just horrible.
But, to top it off, Monday’s show featured the highly surprising return of a superstar no one expected to see again:

The Gobbledy Gooker. That’s right, the Gobbledy Gooker. Don’t know who that is? Don’t worry, half the audience didn’t either, but then again, why would someone care about someone dressed in a bad oversized turkey costume?
It was so bad that the WWE had to run a flashback video about the Gobbledy Gooker’s debut 18 years ago (no one cared then, and no one cared last night).
Here’s a tip … if you’re going to revive a past gimmick, try to not use something considered to be the worst gimmick in pro wrestling history. I know wrestling is just a show … but there’s no reason to bring something that’s already staged down by pulling crap like this.
Besides, it ruined what was otherwise a very entertaining show.




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