Separating my lives

27 11 2009

I knew when I restarted Krab-cakes and Football, it would be next to impossible to separate my voice here, which is simply Charlie Kraebel being Charlie Kraebel, from Charlie Kraebel, the news editor of a local paper.
But, with every problem comes a solution, so here it is.
After discussing the matter over with the so-called “powers that be” at my present place of employment, we’ve decided to launch a blog that falls under the umbrella of the paper and is solely meant to “raise the bar” when it comes to discussion of local issues.
Enter The Venner Vox, which you can view by clicking HERE or by clicking the link provided on the right-hand side of the page.
It’s not a blog intended to give me free reign to sound off on stories covered by the paper. Instead, it’s intended to give the community another avenue in which they can discuss local issues.
However, the blog is not intended to be a free-for-all, so make sure you read the RULES page before you jump into the fray.
Here’s hoping that you get on board, and we look forward to hearing from you.
Krab-cakes and Football will not, by any stretch of the imagination, stray too much from the local (although the wrestling and examples of state and national idiocy will also continue to reside here), but the discussions about stuff covered in the Recorder will likely take place on that site.

For the most part …




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