Has a new contender emerged?

28 11 2009

Obviously, the major goal of running a blog is doing what you’ve got to do to get page views. That’s what it’s all about.
This week, another local blog has popped up, called Amsterdam Revealed.
Allegedly, it’s run by a female who’s lived in the city for 10 years. But since the blog is run anonymously, who knows?
Anyhoo, I found THIS POSTING particularly entertaining because it starts with a pros-and-cons critique of the city’s elected (or appointed) officals before tossing in a couple of people who don’t serve the city in any official capacity but are very vocal in local affairs.
I’ve linked to the blog on the right column, and it’ll be interesting, if not entertaining, to see what kind of voice this blog will have and what direction it will take.




2 responses

28 11 2009
Jerry Skrocki

Personally, white text on a black background gives me eyestrain. We don’t need another Amsterdam blog, especially from an anonymous source.

28 11 2009

Oh Jerry I love the information you give and your opinions on local blogs. Who knows you may find some of the information I put out there to be interesting.

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