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2 12 2009

I just realized I’m supposed to provide a post-RAW analysis, but to be honest, I was more interested in watching the Saints-Patriots game so I actually missed most of RAW.
I will say this about the little bit that I did see … I’ll never undertand how the WWE pushes wreslters to the point of uber-popularity, only to sqaush them into oblivion.
Case in point is what happened Monday Night. Here we have Kofi Kingston, who has been on a tear lately, facing off against ex-champion Randy Orton. They’ve been building this feud for weeks, only to waste a one-on-one encounter on a free show that ended up being a squash match thanks to Legacy beating Kingston to a pulp before the match.
The top stars in the company, save for Chris Jericho, are becoming stale and are aging right out of their characters. The WWE has some phenomenal young talent beyond Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes (yes, I remember watching their fathers wrestle), and it’s too bad, whether it’s egos, bad writing, etc., that it’s going to be a while before these guys get their shot, if it ever happens.




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