Winter driving tips

6 12 2009

First off, I didn’t realize today that I haven’t updated this site in three days, mainly because I’ve been spending time dealing with real life and getting The Venner Vox, my “official” blog at the Recorder, up and running.
On Saturday, this area got its first “real” snow of the soon-to-be-here winter season, and naturally that means everyone goes into a panic and forgets they live in upstate New York where, in case you didn’t know, it snows in December, January, February and March.
So, as a public service, I thought I’d offer the following suggestions when it comes to driving in the winter.
* As soon as the first snowflake hits the ground, state law automatically requires that drivers should immediately reduce their speed to 20 mph on 55 mph highways. Drivers of vehicles that have 4-wheel drive and are larger than a horse or Ron Artest’s ego are exempt from this law. Those drivers can go 75 mph.
* If you are the driver of one of those exempt vehicles, it is strongly encouraged that you keep your vehicle as close as possible to the rear bumper of the vehicle in front of you, especially at night. The lights shining into the vehicle in front of you will not make the driver even more nervous, in fact, it will keep him or her from making a mistake and will encourage the driver to pick up the pace.
* Before you head out in your vehicle, save time by only wiping off the windshield, the back window and the driver’s side window of your vehicle. Vehicles with snow hats look cool, plus the wind will take care of the rest of the white stuff on your car anyway, so why bother getting rid of it beforehand? Plus, you can leave a snow trail of your trip behind you, similar to the “Billy’s adventures” in the “Family Circus” comic strip.
* When approaching a yellow traffic signal, continue to blow through it as you would during the summer. Don’t worry, if you can’t make it, slam on the brakes at the last minute. If anything, you’re helping the driver behind you, who is probably not paying attention. Nothing says “get in the game” like forcing four or five cars behind you to slam on the brakes in the middle of a snowstorm.

These are just a few ideas to get you through the winter months. As always, feel free to chime in with other suggestions. You’d only be helping.




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7 12 2009

My personal favorite is the person who is in such a rush to leave that they scrape a tiny hole in the ice of their front windshield and then drive hunched over the steering wheel and peering through the hole. Next time plan ahead and take five minutes to clear your whole windshield!

9 12 2009

Snow Day!…

Well, the first big snowfall (and apparently sleet and rain later…) has fallen on the area and a lot of schools are closed. For a complete list click here. The state DOT is advising against travel, but if you must, first read  Charlie Kraebel……

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