Smells like Gen X spirit

13 12 2009

I normally don’t get too giddy about the local news I put in the paper on a daily basis. But I’m feeling pretty good about my generation at the moment.
In today’s Recorder, superstar reporter Jessica Maher wrote this fantastic story about four people in Amsterdam, N.Y., who are about to take elected office come Jan. 1. The neat thing about the story is that all four are under the age of 40, a pretty remarkable feat considering it used to be a common thought around here that in order to hold public office, you had to be a retired, balding white male Republican who remembers where they were the day Lincoln was shot. At least that was the joke some of us used to tell.
It’s really cool to see members of my generation get interested in local politics and government. More than that, it’s even cooler to see members of my generation get involved because they actually care about their communities, they like living here, and they want to make this area a better place to live.
This is our time, and, agree with their politics or not, I hope these four individuals will inspire other people in my age group who have decided to stick around to get more involved in their communities and show some civic pride.




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14 12 2009

Great article!!!

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