Charlie Kraebel is currently the news editor of the Recorder, a community newspaper located in the city of Amsterdam, N.Y.
Charlie’s first foray into journalism began in 1995 when a series of letters to the editor and a couple of columns landed him a job at The Leader-Herald in Gloversville, N.Y. He later joined the staff at the Recorder in Amsterdam, N.Y., in 1996 before becoming the Amsterdam beat reporter for the Daily Gazette, based in Schenectady, N.Y.
In 2000, Charlie landed his first editing job at The Leader-Herald, working there at city editor until 2004.
Wanderlust set in, and Charlie wound up as the deputy managing editor at The Leader in Corning, N.Y.
On a lark, Charlie answered an ad to run the newsroom at a community newspaper in Kinston, North Carolina, in 2006. He got the job and moved his family south of the Mason-Dixon line for a change of scenery.
But the Kraebels missed upstate New York, and as fate would have it, a job opened up at the Recorder, so Charlie applied and is now back in that area as a news editor for the newspaper.
Now it’s back-patting time. In 1999 and 2000, Charlie was named Small Business Reporter of the Year by the the U.S. Small Business Administration. In 2005, he was given an award from the New York Associated Press Association for editorials written for The Leader in Corning, and in 2007, he was given an award from the North Carolina Press Association for column writing, and in 2008, a few weeks before Charlie relocated to upstate New York, he was among the team of writers and editors at the Free Press in Kinston, N.C., who were awarded for a series of stories written about an airline manufacturer that’s setting up shop in town. The paper broke the story days before the offical announcement.
On a personal level, Charlie is married to the former Laura Klueg, a Northville Central School graduate who now teaches music at Keane Elementary School in Schenectady, N.Y.
He is also the proud father of three children: Charles Richard, a brilliant mind who is destined to either save the world or destroy it; Genevieve Elizabeth, who is destined to own every species of animal on the planet and is determined to remain daddy’s girl at any cost (not that I’m complaining!); and Meghan Ruth, who is determined to remain Meghan Ruth by any means necessary.


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28 11 2009
ann peconie

thanks for putting the museum website on your blog roll. We are having a birthday party at the wem tomorrow night, something new we are offerring to raise money. It is a game of CLUE party theme with folks playing the characters in each of the room dresed in costume and using museum artifacts as the props and weapons… Sunday at the WEM from 4-6pm. Send one of your fine reporters down to cover and take pics of the event. Aubrey Krohn’s 10th bday should be at least 30 kids there. Piloting another possible fundraiser, themed bday parties for sale at the WEM…we will see…
I went to amsterdam revealed and find it strange that a gal living in Amsterdam only ten years can have such a pulse on the city to make the comments she has already, but they are hers to make.
Hope you had a great thanksgiving. Did you cover the 15 minute meeting with Kristen, Tonko and Thane today? ws the press allowed in to listen? I hope so..

30 11 2009

I’m not sure it takes years of observation to figure out that our local govt. is dysfunctional. (turn the tv channel to public access every other Tuesday night, sadly, it really quite obvious!)

30 11 2009

I have one question to those who think that 10 years isn’t enough time. Are things going well in the City of Amsterdam presently?

1 12 2009
ann peconie

After reading Charlie’s blog today and the comments above I stand corrected. I guess I am surprised that after only ten years someone could have such a great read on all the characters of Amsterdam politics as identified in her blog on political characters. I was busy having and taking care of babies for the past 10+ years that I never would have gotten such an accurate pulse on these folks if I moved to town ten years ago. Charlie- a little background on me: born in Amst as were my parents who were HS sweethearts, moved to Jax, FL in 1980 due to my Dad getting job transfer with GE, returned to Amst after college 1991, moved back to Jax with husband and kids in 2001 and returned here for husband’s work in fall of 2003. So of my 41 years, I have not lived here for 13 of them. We went south and decided we wanted back too. So I get you on that…

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