Benny sez

17 01 2010

“But, (to use a Piece of common Sense) our Geese are but Geese tho’ we may think ’em Swans; and Truth will be Truth tho’ it sometimes prove mortifying and distasteful.”


Giving the face a rest

14 01 2010

I love social networking sites. I also hate them at the same time.
That’s why, for at least a little while, I’m taking a self-imposed break from Facebook and the like (not Twitter since I do not, nor will I ever, become a Twit).
Sites like Facebook are great because they are a great way to reconnect with people you would otherwise not meet up with in real life.
Unfortunately, it also allows you to use it as a sounding board, and every once in awhile, I wind up using Facebook as my therapy couch, sometimes posting without thinking and coming off sounding like a total fruitcake.
Of course, Facebook or not, that last sentiment is probably debatable anyway.
So therefore, it’s time to take a break. There are plenty of other things to do … like concentrate on this blog and my “professional” site, The Venner Vox, which you should totally check out (I never pass up on a chance to plug that site).

The divisional round picks, the “man, I’ll always be second-best” edition

13 01 2010

OK, what an interesting chair-gripping dud of a Wild Card weekend it was in the NFL. Except for the Packers-Cardinals epic on Sunday night, most of the games were flat-out stinkers, and I’d call them unwatchable except I really did like seing New England get their butts handed to them.

Onto the divisional round picks:

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints. With apologies to Terrell Owens, but this is the game for you to get your popcorn ready. Two high-powered offenses that can score from anywhere on the field get ready to lock horns. The Saints looked to be poised to run through the entire NFL regular schedule until their bid for unbeaten status was derailed by Dallas, and New Orleans finished on a three-game losing streak. You never know what the Cardinals will do, although Arizona looks to be just as strong as they were en route to last year’s surprising run to the Super Bowl. Saints QB Drew Brees is as good as any quarterback in the league, but few do it better than Cardinals QB Kurt Warner in the post-season. I look for the Cardinals to win this one, 34-28.

Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts. Don’t let the end of Indy’s regular season fool you; this team is good. Very good. There’s a reason why Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning won his record 4th NFL MVP award this year – because he’s the best. However, Baltimore for some reason seems to turn it up a notch in the playoffs even when they stumble and bumble through the regular season. Just ask New England, a team that got punched in the mouth by the Ravens at home, where the Patriots hadn’t lost a playoff game since 1978. However, the Colts are at home, a tough place to play, and have more weapons. That’s why I like the Colts to win, although it will be a tough contest, 21-16.

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings. Tough game to call. Dallas right now is playing the best football of any team in still alive, having closed out the regular season with two shutout wins over division rivals and literally kicking the snot out of Philadelphia in the wild-card round. The “best” label could have been applied to the Vikings at the beginning of the season because they played at a high level at every aspect of the game, but they’ve slid back a bit. Like the Colts, the Vikes are very tough at home. However, I can’t pick against Dallas right now, and I think they’ll win, 27-23, and praying that someone on the Cowboys’ D puts Minnesota QB Brett Favre into retirement for good.

New York Jets at San Diego Chargers. As a Bills fan, I am required by law to officially hate the J-E-T-S, but as a football fan, I absolutely love the way they play defense and the way they run the ball. San Diego is the hottest team in the AFC as they are on an 11-game win streak. The Chargers are also on a mission, having been considered to be Super Bowl contenders for the past few years, and they know their window is closing. The Jets will prove to be a very tough opponent for San Diego, but I think the Chargers will prevail, 23-16.

Last week: 3-1; Overall: 3-1

Save us …

11 01 2010

What does this countdown mean?
Hint: Check the banner. It was “Five” yesterday, now it’s “four.”

Where to go, and what to do …

9 01 2010

I have to admit, I’m at a bit of a loss when it comes to this blog, and I’m not sure what I should do at this point.
Since I started the Venner Vox, my “official” blog at the Recorder, this site has really fallen by the wayside, to the point where I can barely update it once or twice a week.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m really stoked about how the Venner Vox is taking off since it launched after Thanksgiving (it’s getting around 1,000 hits a day now), and depsite what some may think, it’s been a pretty good place for online local conversation.
Of course, it’s meant sacrificing Krab-cakes and Football, because I know this version of the blog isn’t even remotely close to what it was when I took the original site down.
I don’t plan on taking this site down, because I do like having an avenue to write about stuff not really connected with my job. I just don’t know what direction to take.
Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.

The picks, wild card rematch edition

5 01 2010

The second NFL season kicks off this weekend, although it may be deja vu since the matchups are mostly rematches of the regular season finale.
Since part of this blog’s name is “Football,” I figured I’d go ahead and make picks for each week of the post-season for you to view, comment or make fun of.

Jets at Bengals: One of the rematches of Week 17, which saw the Jets get into the playoffs by hanging one on the Bengals, 37-0. I don’t think the game will quite go this way on Saturday. The Bengals surprised everyone this year by winning the AFC North, especially since the division has the defending Super Bowl champs Pittsburgh Steelers and a good Baltimore Ravens team. But the Bengals have looked shaky at times and are probably the most unimpressive of the six division champs. The Jets, despite getting in the playoffs, are really not a good football team. They play good defense, but the offense is real spotty, especially with a rookie quarterback at the helm. Mark Sanchez will be a good NFL Q, but not yet. Still, I think the Jets’ D is capable of shutting down Cincy’s offense, so I’m going with New Jersey in this one, 23-14.

Eagles at Dallas: The Cowboys swept the Eagles this year, so logic says it’s next to impossible to beat a team three times in a season, although it has been done before. Dallas has also appeared to have gotten past its inability to win in December, and closed the season with shutout division wins over the Redskins and Eagles. However, even though they got beat down by Dallas, Philadelpha at one point was 5-4 and looking up at the Giants and the Cowboys before reeling off six straight wins. However, when they bring their “A” game, Dallas is about as good as anyone else in the league and may be the most dangerous NFC team in the playoffs. I think the Cowboys are out to make a statement, and I see them winning what may be the best game of the weekend, 31-26.

Ravens at Patriots: New England won the regular season matchup, 27-21, although this is the only Wild Card game that’s not a Week 17 rematch. I still haven’t determined whether the Patriots are a good football team, because there were times this season that the team looked like the teams that won three Super Bowls in the last decade and their were other times they looked just like a middle-of-the-road franchise. Baltimore is the same way, and needed to win on Sunday just to get in. The Ravens’ D isn’t the same dominant force it has been in the past, although it’s still a very good unit. Baltimore’s offense has also been up and down, although it’s good enough to compete with a lot of teams. New England lost it’s key playmaker, WR Wes Welker, to a nasty knee injury against Houston, and that’s going to hurt them. In fact, that, and the fact that New England simply doesn’t have a great defense, will be the reason why Baltimore wins an ugly one, 22-16.

Packers at Cardinals: Don’t let Green Bay’s blowout of the Cards on Sunday fool you; Arizona had absolutely nothing to play for. I must admit, I’m a huge fan of Aaron Rodgers, and I think if he had some protection from his offensive front line and a decent running game, he’d be in the conversation when you talk about the NFL’s top-tier quarterbacks. Green Bay’s defense has also vastly improved over last year. The Cards, when they’re clicking, can score on anyone at anytime, and is also getting improved play from their defense. Unlike last year, when Arizona shocked everyone by getting to the Super Bowl, I think the NFC is ready for them. I think Green Bay’s defense can do enough to keep the Cards from scoring too much, and the Packers’ offense will be able to move the ball enough to pull this game off, 27-23.

The Taint Offensive

30 12 2009

Obviously, there’s been a lot of concern over the fact that a Nigerian flying from the Netherlands to the United States was able to board an airplane wearing and explosive device hidden in his underwear.
In the wake of this incident, there is a growing concern about a possible plan to implement full-body scanning at airports in response to this terrorist attempt.
Even though the Obama administration won’t admit this was a terrorist attack, let’s face it, it was. Whether we call it a “man-made disaster” or any other PC label, it’s still a terrorist attack, whether it’s attempted or pulled off.
So why the furor over the idea of implementing full-body scans at airports?
I’ll admit, the image of my naked body over a computer scan will probably cause children to cower behind their parents in absolute fear, will cause most men to feel better about themselves and cause most women to vomit on the floor and question their very reason for living.
But still, as someone who as flown on airplanes and probably will fly again in the future, I’d like to know that every precaution is being taken to make sure we get from Point A to Point B (or C or D or E, depending on how many connecting flights you have) as safely as possible. After all, you’re already asking a lot by expecting me to cram into a tube and trust that you’ll get me to my destination in one piece.
If that means checking everything out to make sure that happens, feel free to have a gander at the twig and berries. I can assure you, the only bomb you’ll find in that region is the one that’s brewing after I’ve mowed down on a fried onion and drank three cups of coffee.
Hey, it’s almost 2010. There are idiots out there who are attempting and will attempt any and all means to kill a large amount of people at one time.
If that means making sure every person that boards a plane can’t pull something like that off, then by all means, search me.