Me not so horny

24 02 2010

You are looking at the new bane of my existence. Actually, what you are looking at is an inanimate object I took with a crappy cell phone camera only because I didn’t have a chainsaw with me.
This is the fire horn that blows every time the Broadalbin-Kenyetto Volunteer Fire Department is called out to an emergency call. It’s located 500 feet from my bedroom window.
Last night, and into early this morning, considering the amount of “weather” this area received, this horn went off several times. In the overnight hours.
All to let us know that our tried and true fire department was answering the call.
Look, I have the utmost respect for firefighters. In fact, I have the highest respect for firefighters.
But let’s look at times, because they have a-changed a lot over the past 20 years or so.
Firefighters are supposed to have cell phones and pagers. I’m guessing that most, if not all, of them have scanners. I don’t think a blaring horn hitting what I’m guessing is a “G” above the high “C” is necessary to get the people you need on the job.
To top it off, the fire department’s headquarters is in a location where you could barely hear the alarm from the firehouse. So why is this sucker going off every time a call comes in?
There are several homes located directly in this horn’s blast path. I know for a fact some of these homes have young children who need a good night’s sleep.
I also know these homes have working adults who need a good night’s sleep in order to take care of these children and get to their jobs.
I’ve got news for the people responsible for this antiquated monstrosity. When that horn blares at 3 a.m., those who are shaken out of a dead sleep aren’t standing up and saluting our fire department with respect.
Instead, we’re still laying in our beds giving you the one-finger salute instead.

Shut the sucker down. It’s out-of-date, and it’s unnecessary.